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Training options that fit your situation.

Our training courses can be selected based on platform , subject matter and reports. Platform refers to the software such as Microsoft Excel and PowerBI. Subject matter being Financial Modeling and Data Analytics . Reports refers to Budgeting, Financial Statements and any other reports of your choice. In our trainings an expert financial modeler will demonstrate how to build your own best practice financial models. Training is delivered in any of the three (3) ways described below:


Training can be conducted online using Zoom or Ms Teams.


We can come to your offices or preferred venue.


Physical or Face to Face trainings we invite professional across industry

Aviv Resources is a team of financial modelers who specialise in building financial models and/or training other professionals to build their own models. Each year we run a training calendar to deliver our courses. The tools or skills we give professionals help them to have a quick turnaround time, automate their work and have a good presentation.

Why Aviv Resources?

Focus: A jack of all trades is a master of none. Our focus area is financial modeling only.

Experience: Over a decade worth of experience gives us a higher probability to have met your challenges before.

Customise: We have the ability to create custom models or training material.

Support: We offer after training support.

Earn CPD points: Our training our recognised by professional bodies. Attendees will earn Continuous Professional Development points.